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  • Question about contracts

    Currently I have been trying to go Enlist in the active duty NAVY after losing 90 pounds to do so while also working on getting my PST scores up I thought I was really close just basically waiting on a job or a time when they would be able to sign up a male out of highschool since my recruiter says they always have so many different quotas and what they can accept at any given time.

    I was asked yesterday if I would take a FTS reserve position instead of an active duty rating. In short my recruiter basically said this was my only option. I have mentioned to him several times about SWCC and wanting to take the PST to see where I would be right now since I have already been through MEPs with the physical and passed everything there. I was scheduled to take the PST on wed. But I am wondering if I will be able to get out of a FTS contract for SWCC once I take and pass the PST.

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    Re: Question about contracts

    If what you want is SWCC, don’t take anything else but SWCC. In most cases you will have to be in the "Future Sailors Program" before you can take the PST. If this is the case in your area, don’t take a reserve job just to take a job. Requirements always change, and you don’t want for a " yes, you can get out of a reserve program" today, to turn into a "SORRY, THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF IT".

    If you lost all that weight for this program, why would you take any chances? Take the PST, enter the selection pool, and see if you can lock in a contract. Remember, this is a program that the navy will select around 20 - 30 guys for every month. Only those with the BEST PST scores are chosen.

    Best of luck!

    Senior Chief Gio
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      Re: Question about contracts

      edgeupgx - First of all, major kudos on losing the weight!! THAT shows a lot guts and tenacity. Second, Senior Chief is right (not that I was doubting you Chief) but if SWCC is what you want GO FOR IT!! Take it from me, I lost 80 lbs since last Summer, DEP'd in Avionics in FEB, busted my a** in training and PSTs and re-classed SWCC 1JUN11. You can do it, keep working for it!
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