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SWCC Reserve career path

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  • SWCC Reserve career path

    I know that there are SWCC reservists, but am not sure whether it is possible to ENTER SWCC as a reservist, and if so how the timeline differs. After completing the pipeline, do you go immediately go back to being a reservist or do you have to spend X number of years on active duty? Are there any reserve SWCC units, or do SWCC reservists affiliate with the active groups, and if so what roles do they fill (as opposed to active duty)?


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    Re: SWCC Reserve career path

    I was wondering the same, I know you can apply and go through training as a reservist, but can't seem to find much on after that, if they have you switch to active duty, or how your drill weekends/training work, transportation to your unit (IDTT, etc), and what role you fill for your unit, if your treated as the same and do the same deployment work ups, or if they have something different due to the training tempo, etc, etc


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      Re: SWCC Reserve career path

      In the past there was a program that let you enter the Navy as a reservist and attend the SWCC pipeline (there used to be one reserve slot per SWCC class). That is no longer the case, to come through the SWCC program you must be an Active duty sailor.

      The NSW reserve component has 2 SEAL Teams; SEAL Team 17 and 18. Both teams have SEALs and SWCCs that do their reserve time with those units. When NSW affiliated reservists are "Mobilized" they support NSW entities (SEAL & SWCC) during their mobilization.

      Again, you would have to join the Navy, become a SWCC, complete your enlistment, transition to the reserves.



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        Re: SWCC Reserve career path

        I am interested in this!