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Keeping your old job?

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  • Keeping your old job?

    I'm enlisted as a Hospital Corpsman right now and I'm deciding if I want to apply for SWCC while in DEP or after A School. I know that If I apply while in DEP then I lose HM and I get the Rate of SN. If I go to A School first and then apply for a SWCC contract and I get hurt and can't continue SWCC training can I go back to being a Corpsman since I will already be trained in that or will I keep the SN rate and go to swabbing ships until I can take another shot at training?

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    Re: Keeping your old job?

    If you're not even in the Navy yet and you want to go SpecWar, then don't even consider going in without a contract. You will have little to no chance of being able to cross-rate once you're in. Besides, you would have to wait after you fulfilled your obligation as a Corpsman and had two years at your first command before you could put in a package. That and there's always the chance that you could be PTS denied.


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      Re: Keeping your old job?

      If you begin SWCC training with an A school and do not, for whatever reason, complete the course you will go back to the fleet as that rating (HM). You would not become an SB until graduation.

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