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  • TIO-EW


    I was hoping I could find some answers about TIO-EW and the process of trying out, without "gouging" or cheating the process; basically, just general info about the physical and other demands and qualifications necessary.

    I don't want to encourage anyone to violate opsec or persec, and honestly the technical details of the job are not that hard to find elsewhere (what I'm looking at, a TIO-EW CTI, would engage in LLVI, potentially deploy alongside SOs and SBs, is more than likely to be an IA sailor, is potentially eligible for at least Basic Airborne School, etc.).

    -I know from this page: that one has to demonstrate strong PT abilities; I believe a minimum SEAL PRT is required, and certainly more reps/faster run & swim are better.

    -Do TIO-EW candidates ever undergo a "mini-BUD/s" or similar pipeline for the mental toughness/physical endurance aspects of operations, or do they prove themselves with at least one exceptional Big Navy tour and then qualify simply via PRT?

    -How much rucking do NSW/TIO-EW Cryptos do? Do they receive advanced training in other insertion methods (Free Fall, Dive, etc.) If one wants a guarantee for crypto work and beastly rucks, obviously the Corps and Army have opportunities there; I'm just curious if Navy personnel also engage in multiple-dozen mile rucks with 80+ lbs sacks, or if the emphasis is more heavily upon water-based insertion and training.

    -Was anyone on this site involved in TIO-EW? If so, can you please PM me or comment here so I can PM you? I would appreciate any input and guidance you have to offer.

    Thanks for your time and assistance.