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    How long does it typically take after a candidate passes the pst until they actually ship off? I am curious so i can plan my workout accordingly. Also, what is the general process (how long does it take, etc) for requesting a pst, particularly for a reservist?

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    Re: SWCC orders

    For the PST request you must go to website, get the NC Worksheet filled out by your CCC, LPO, LCPO and hit submit. Once we get it and see that you're qualified, you will be notified to schedule a PST. At that point, go back to the website and schedule the PST.

    Once everything is submitted to the detailer, getting orders to a class depends on seats being available. There are only two seats for reservists per class, and if you are selected, he will tell you when. No crystal balls here, you just need to always be ready to come. Don't submit a package unless you have everything ready to go.

    Good Luck!

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      Re: SWCC orders

      I called the SEAL-SWCC hotline last week about orders to BCT. I am not eligible to return to Coronado until September of this year, but the person I talked to on the phone told me to go ahead and submit my package now. I went to my Career Counselor in order to start my package today and she told me "No", that I would have to wait till August. Is there any guidance you can offer me here? There are more details but I am reluctant to post them for OPSEC reasons. Perhaps a private message would suffice. Thanks in advance for the help.


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        Re: SWCC orders

        Thanks Senior, one more question, since SWCC reservists are assigned to ST-18 im assuming there is no chance for a SOC-R/River unit? Thank god for this site, my PS1 never even heard of SWCC.