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Questions about SWCC and Officers/ Contracts

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  • Questions about SWCC and Officers/ Contracts

    Hey guys,
    I was hoping someone could get me information on the officer programs and which route I should go as a college graduate. I have heard that there are no officer programs as a SWCC. Is this true? As a college graduate wanting to get a SWCC contract, what would be the smartest option? I have heard that going enlisted would be **** for someone that has a college degree already but I have many doubts about that. Also, are there 4 year contracts for SWCC or just 6?

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    I've read and believe that there are no commissioned officers in the SWCC teams, but there are Warrant Officer positions available. Yes, I believe a SWCC enlistment contract is 6 years. Good luck to you and train smart.


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      SEAL commanders (O-5) are eligible to command a SWCC unit.
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        Yeah its true. Only enlisted guys can get into SWCC. I would recommend going in as enlisted, because you get to "be in the fight" much more longer than officers. Just my preference. Hope this helps