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    hi guys I'm looking for a little information on finding a way to go to buds.. My army national guard contract ends in November and I would really like to go to buds.... The recruiter I have talked to is telling me my only option is to go navy reserve... Is there anything else I can do. Please and thank you


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    How old are you? I would imagine your recruiter is misinforming you, as this sounds fishy. That being said, I am not sure. I would look for a second opinion.
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      I am 25... I want to a navy recruiter and he told me they aren't taking prior survive and gave me a card and pretty much shooed me out the door.... I called another recruiter and they told me I had to actually be in the navy to join try for a buds contract... I just spent 6 years in the army NG and I'm kinda over it. Thanks for the info I'll keep poking around and asking different recruiters


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        hey man, I am/was in a very similiar situation as yours. PM me and I'll let you know everything I know as far as prior service and SO contracts.