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  • Searching for SB information

    So I've decided I need to start reading all these great books that are out regarding BUD/s and the training we will be going through and I can't find any SWCC specific books. One of our retired SEAL mentors asked me to name a notable SWCC and I didn't have a clue... I've searched to no avail. I've found breaking buds, the warrior elite and everything written by the author of the latter, but no SWCC books. I'm really hoping somebody blasts me for 'not searching' because it's been right in front of me the whole time.

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    Good Evening, I am an SO hopeful but I do read up on the other forces as much as I can. For SWCC, I believe the best information would be to try to get in touch with an SB operator. Alternatively there's "The Finishing School" which talks a little bit about SWCC capabilities. If it's to see how they train, then the show from Discovery Channel's "Surviving The Cut" may help. There are two episodes that goes in-depth of BCT & CQT. I hope I've done some help to guide you in the right direction.

    All the best, Roboscout.


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      Excellent. I'll check out the finishing school. I've seen Surviving the Cut but it was quite a while ago, I'll watch it again. And yes, I'm interested on what exactly I'll have to be doing so I can try to better prepare myself. Thanks Roboscout.


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        Just realized I've also already read the Finishing School.


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          Chip short for Chipper is a notable SWCC (don't confuse with the other Chip who is actually named Chip). Although not assigned to the boat crews he did graduate SWCC training. He's in the SWCC video that the Navy posted to Youtube. Those are actual SWCC's btw with additional SpecOps persons in the video. Another notable SWCC is Dbl D. But I think your SEAL mentor was trying to teach you a lesson of some sort to be honest. I'm not going to give you actual names. Best of luck to you. Being a SWCC is awesome. If you want to be a SWCC then that is all you need to know.


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            Chip has two Medal of Honors and not the only one. DD shielded him in the desert and took rounds dying from his wounds. Chip put 7 rounds from his 9mm into the enemy. I have one more post I am Chipper. I owe my life to DD.