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    Started studying for the afqt/asvab, but wanted something clarified. On the site it says you need a minimum of 103 on VE+AR and 51 on MC. Does that mean you still take all of the subtests, but only the scores for the sections I mentioned are counted, to get a SWCC contract?

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    Yes, you will take every test that is in the ASVAB. In order to get a SB(SWCC) contract they will use the VE+AR with a minimum of 51 MC, so essentially those are all you need to worry about. Still study for everything though.


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      Thanks dude. So, the other subtests are essentially just something for them to see how you do on, but if I bombed one, it wouldn't blow my chances (as long as the VE+AR and MC are solid, of course)? Seems strange to make you take them if they're largely irrelevant.


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        I used the Kaplan ASVAB study book, it has multiple practice tests and an online version. It helped a large amount. Costs around 20 bucks...


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          Yeah, that's what I'm using. Have you already gotten a contract? Or where in the process are you, if you dont mind me asking? I'm just talking to as many people as I can, to be as informed as possible.


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            mm227 Sorry about the late response, but yes, just got my SO contract. Waiting to ship.