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  • Master at Arms then SEALs

    I don't qualify for the SEALs due to my low asvab score, but is there anyway I can get a shot at BUD/s ? Can I try to transfer out my rate after a certain time ? Or can I ask for a SEAL Contract in order for me to re-enlist?

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    I was in your position almost a year ago. I didn't do too well on the asvab & I was being pressured into signing up with a different job. If you want a Warrior Challenge contract "badly", then you'll hold off on enlistment until you get that score up. Buy a study guide or get a tutor, IT IS possible to improve your score! You gotta be patient & persistent when dealing with the recruiting process. The bottom line is YES, you can go in as a different rate but you'll have to face a slim chance of being accepted for BUD/S. You're much better off taking the time to retake & get your shot now than later(possibly never).


    • tadpole5.56
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      @Marcos_t6: Recruiters are there to help you with the process, but they WILL do their best to get you to sign a DEP contract before you PST, and if something happens and you can't get your SO contract, then you'll be stuck with a job you don't want. Study for the ASVAB, retake it, and don't sign any contract other than a SEAL contract.

    • Marcos_t6
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      It's a 48, I have no PST but I know I can score pretty high.
      I just made my decision and I am going to retake the test. Any recommendation for a good study guide ?

    • Roboscout 302
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      Marcos_t6, PM me. I'll give you my number & I'll text you the resources I've used.

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    If you really want to be a SEAL you will do the smart thing which is studying and retaking the ASVAB.