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Thread: PTG Calisthenics Pace

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    PTG Calisthenics Pace

    Hey there. I have two questions about calisthenics in the PTG. I've read the PTG and used the search function on the forum, but couldn't come up with conclusive answers.

    How fast should I be doing my calisthenic exercises (especially push-ups)? The guide does say that they should be done slowly and controlled (slower than on the PST ), but that doesn't really tell me exactly how slow. In a training video with Mike Caviston in it, ( he does them quite slowly, but says that this could be the cadence for 10 push ups.
    So should I be doing them faster, because the PTG requires more reps? How slow do you do your push ups? Any recommendations?

    Secondly, I'm wondering what's meant with "If your max is" in the push-, pull- & sit-ups table of the PTG? Is it the maximum number of reps I'm currently able to do in a PST (2 mins)? Or maximum number of consecutive reps without rest?

    Thanks in advance & excuse me if this has already been covered.

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    Re: PTG Calisthenics Pace

    2nd question first your max would be in whichever time limit in this case 2 mins for push and sit and pull is just as many as you can do.

    I've been doing calisthenics and my lighter (cutting) weight lifts with 3-5 second negative phases on each rep. I've also noticed that my previous max was right around 70 pushups and during a mock pst a couple weeks ago I did 87. Hoping to increase everything steadily from this point.

    I've seen it alot around here that focusing on the negative phase of a rep will help develop muscular endurance. I have to say that for me it has worked alot. You need strength to start the reps, you need endurance to maintain control throughout high rep sets and maxes.

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