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Thread: What keeps you working hard?

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    What keeps you working hard?

    I sure know what helps me, but another point, I work out alot like if im bored ill just do pushups and situps and run, even after football workouts. I do this because I start thinking, and I know that if im not working hard someone out there is and he is going to be stronger than me. I keep myself working to stay competitive and in the game.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Fear of failure is what keeps me going, ifeel like if I'm not workin my *** I won't be ready

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    I thought i was the only one who thought that. Yes same thing that BrettH said. I try to be the best that i can be. Well there is an old saying that what doesn't kill you keep doing. I think thats how it goes.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bear Jew View Post
    Well there is an old saying that what doesn't kill you keep doing. I think thats how it goes.
    Lol I don't think that should apply to all things. But funny.

    What keeps me working hard is hope/faith.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    I always try to be the best at whatever. If somebody is better than me then i try my hardest to be better than him. thats what motivates me.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    I also agree with Travolesch, one of my greatest fears in all around life is failure and not much else, so usually if I ant something bad enough I succed, and it is the same with everyone on this site. Obviously you have to be in shape, but you have to want it, really bad, if you dont you might not think twice about ringing that bell.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Just yesterday i was running my 5 miles and i was really tired. I was thinking to myself that i might not even join the seals because of the hard work. I was really tired when i thought this. My legs were burning, i had a cramp in my stomach, and i had just got done doing my workouts. I was like man i got to do this all day when you get in BUD/S. Then i remember whatching a documentary on the SEALS. they said that only 10% of the candidates make it through it. So i kept telling myself in my head that i can make it ill be one of those few to make.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    The goal to be a SEAL and be something greater then I am and be part of a brotherhood that always inspires me.
    "Who Dares Wins" - British S.A.S

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    The Idea of working hard now so I'll be better prepared when I get my shot to join an elite brotherhood and be like the men I'm proud to call my heroes.. The idea that if other men have done it, then I can push through my training to achieve my goal

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Only one word best fits this thread....... Drive.
    "Accept challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Anyone else not really worry about whether or not they'll make it like I do? Like I just make sure I work hard and have fun, because I'm really confident I can make it.


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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Faith, Hope, my family, friends, competitiveness, and i feel that it is my calling. Thats what really keeps me working hard.

    "Be strong and do not let your hands become weak, for your work shall be rewarded" - 2 Chronicles 15:7

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Knowing that each day that goes by is one more closer to the day I ship out, the feeling of excitement of knowing that I'm going to have to test myself to the ultimate degree, my health will be outstanding, and other reasons that I can't put into words; no one would understand.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    When I feel pain, I'm glad I still have the privilege to feel it. I wish my father could still feel pain so he could be there the day I graduate from BUD/S. Pain is a privilege, revel in it.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    I just like it.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    well obviously all the posts beneath me are reason for that, but also I always go hard in everything, football I sprint everywhere, work i do everything fast and right, working out etc, it is just part of who I am.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    This website. This website is probably the greatest thing any of us could ever ask for. Not only does it have loads of information but everyday I look at a post and see something new or see someone getting a contract the fire inside burns a little bit hotter. Hooyah boys lets Get It.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    Like Frgb said, I just like it. I Olympic lift, do CrossFit, run triathlons and mudruns, and generally spend most of my time training. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it. There are plenty of ways to serve your country that don't involve nearly as much physicality. If you don't "embrace the suck" and have fun pushing yourself, well, it seems that life in the Teams would be a little miserable even if you made it through BUD/S. The thought of doing what I do everyday, train, but doing it better and faster and getting paid to do it, motivates me everyday. (For SEALs at least; my motivation to serve would be there whether I wanted to be a SEAL or not.) Also, the adventure aspect; it may be hard, but the job description is pretty freakin' cool.

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    My Girlfriend, and The fact that if I don't train I could get myself killed,or even worse, one of my guys killed! I also enjoy it. I do marathons, mud runs, Olympic lifts, yoga, swim, run, bike, and hike. I'm trying to get into martial arts and parkour too.
    minimum is only minimum

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    Re: What keeps you working hard?

    i have a cut out picture of the bell pinned on my wall by my bed, so that at every morning at 0400 i have to decide wether to get up and train or "ring the bell" and go back to sleep...F'K that bell

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