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Thread: Injuries during BUD/S

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    Injuries during BUD/S

    I'm not sure where else to ask this question. I was wondering what happens if you get injured during BUD/S. Do you get to heal up and get back out there the next time a class comes in or are you disqualified from the program and sent elsewhere?

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    Re: Injuries during BUD/S

    If you are injured during the course of training at BUD/S, you will be evaluated for continued training. If the docs decide you can resume training after you heal, then you will be rolled back to the next class. If you are rolled before hell week then you will do hell week with your new class. If you have completed hell week then you will not have to repeat hell week with your new class. If your injury is significant enough to disqualify you from the program, then you will be detailed by the Navy to another duty station in another rating.
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