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Thread: Skin Iritation

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    Angry Skin Iritation

    Im not a fan of long posts on her so here it is. I didn't swim often before training due to a rash that develops on the skin on my upper legs that come in contact with my bathing suit. Had this my whole life but it never stopped me from swimming but i found if i keep my time in the pool limited im fine. 20 min or so. I need more time in the pool, more than that at least. I've seen one other post on here like this one but it wasn't that helpful. Has anyone had or seen this that can help, It never got bad enough to stop me from training but id like to continue without all the Cortisone 10.

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    Re: Skin Iritation

    are you using a jammer?

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    Re: Skin Iritation

    I looked that up, never heard of it before. i will try it. Thanx. If anyone else has an idea please post still.

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