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Thread: EOD to SEAL

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    EOD to SEAL

    I read the thread on going from ND to SO, and I see that being an ND wouldn't effect my chances of going to BUD/S from the fleet, but I'm wondering if it's the same for EOD guys as well, particularly ones with SOF experience. The reason I ask this question is because I can never decide which one I want to do more, so I'm considering the possibility of becoming an EOD and later on moving to becoming a SEAL.

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    Re: EOD to SEAL

    All Navy rates have the opportunity to apply for SEAL and SWCC. Each job will have a minimum requirement of time you must complete prior to an application being submitted.

    As you hear us all say ALL THE TIME however, if you want to be a SEAL, be a SEAL. If you want to be a Navy Diver or EOD go do that, they are both great, fulfilling, jobs. Donít take one job over another because you think "well, I'll just gain some experience and then go SEAL." They are all three separate jobs, yes EOD operators will support both SEALs and SF but their primary job is EOD.

    Best of Luck


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