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My workout routine?

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  • My workout routine?

    So I tried the PTG a while ago and it just didn't work out for me. It just didn't hit my body the way I wanted it to. So my girlfriend's dad is a former Green Beret, so I sat down with him and made a training program. The routine is very simple, and I believe it can help me a whole lot. I've been doing it for only a week and a half and I already see an increase. Here it is:
    On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do the Murph: 1 Mile Run, 100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Air Squats, 300 Sit Ups/Crunches/Flutter Kicks (however I'm feeling that day), and then another mile run.
    On Tuesday and Thursday I do pure cardio. I'll run for miles or swim.
    Every Saturday I do the SEAL PST, or I'll go for another run or swim if my body isn't up for it.
    And obviously if my body doesn't feel right, I will decrease the calisthenics or replace them with a variation.
    Now my overall goal is to increase that one mile run over time, to keep the calisthenics mostly the same, and to increase the cardio I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    What do you guys think? It's really working for me, so I'm going to stick with it. I just wanted to see what everybody else thinks of it. Thank you, and Hooyah!!!

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    The simplicity is awesome, I feel it may be too simple though. That's a lot of pull-ups. You say your body is reacting to it well, so I'd stick with it for now as long as you have no overuse problems. Maybe consider adding two lift days somewhere. Remember, quality over quantity so constantly work on your form. Let us know how it goes.
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      keep at it for a month and tell us how it went. I do 300-400 pullups a week i feel its fine. same numbers as you 600-800 pushups and situps a week. works well for me. But each workout are you going to be giving maximal effort each set? I don't know how well that will work for you. I'm not an expert. But i do pyramid styled routine once, supersets, and than an all out max out day. I think our bodies cant improve if your constantly straining it that hard so i take it easier on two workouts. Pyramids work up to a max, supersets no maxing. disclaimer im not an expert so keep us posted.
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        I followed this for a few months, took a PST, and it didn't go very well haha. I got around a 10 minute swim, 60 push ups, 65 sit ups, 13 pull ups, and around a 10 minute run.


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          When my run time began to plateau, I used HIIT(High intensity interval training) to increase aerobic pathways and dropped a significant portion of time on my runs.