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26 Week Training Guide

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  • 26 Week Training Guide

    For those that have completed the NSW 26 week physical training guide, how drastic was your improvement on the PST when you compared before the training program and once you had completed it? I am working my way through it right now and was wondering how much it had helped with your improvements. Also, do you have any recommended modifications or advice?

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    I fused it with p90x and added some stuff I got from wrestling/track/internet. It's just structure, which is all you need. Adjust it to your liking and try to improve every week.


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      havnt finished it, not even close, but I see good results. you cant half a$$ it though. gotta be dedicated and show up with a plan when you get to the gym or pool or start a run


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        MadDog, have you retaken the PST throughout the training guide or recently? If so, how has your scores improved compared to before you began the training guide?