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Body changes following the PTG

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  • Body changes following the PTG

    Hey! Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this to, but it seamed the most accurate. I'm actually very curious as to how your body changed while following the PTG. What happened to your body fat percentage, how much muscle did you gain/lose, and how did your weight fluctuate? I used to be really into bodybuilding so these body changes are really interesting to me. Thank you!

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    For me I am naturally skinny. But overtime in the strength exercises especially, I had seen increase of my endurance and speed. Overtime my push/sit up counts have increased as well as my swim times have gotten faster. Just don't overdo it. My mentor recommends running and swimming 3 days a week. Lift sessions 1-2 times a week (light weight/high rep), calisthenics 3-4 times a week. Hope this helps!