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  • Mock PST Scores

    I have been working on getting my application for SOAS in for this year, but just found out that my medical won't get through in time to be allowed to take the PST. Figured I'd post some of my progress and my takeaways in case it proves useful for others on here. Any background on myself is just to give you an idea physically of where I sit, hopefully someone on here can find some benefit. I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

    I started with a mock PST on 1/3/2019 and my results were:

    Swim: 9:59 (breaststroke, and pretty baggy swim trunks)
    Push: 64
    Sit: 70
    Pull: 12
    Run: 9:01
    Score: 928

    For some background, I'm 25, 6'4 and was 215 pounds on 1/3/19 when I took the first mock pst. I grew up playing basketball and have always been a good runner. I ran a 4:54 mile, 1:58 800m, and 16:34 5K in high school without any real training (my track/cross county coach let me run without joining team practices, I only cared about basketball). I was 195 pounds at the time I did all that.

    I did basic swim team until 3rd grade, was an average swimmer and hadn't done any real swimming since then until my test on December 2018.

    I've stayed in pretty good shape over the years, playing basketball and working out pretty consistently. I probably workout out 60 minutes a day 6 days a week. 3-4 days of that being just basketball.

    Training for PST
    I started training in mid December for the PST. Swimming was a huge struggle, thought I was going to drown by the end of my first 500. Slowly got the hang of it after a while though and made incremental progress. Even though I hadn't run miles in a while, I was relatively confident I'd be able to get my times where they needed to be for the test. For sit ups I was confident I could get to 100 since you can pretty much do abs all the time. Pull ups and push ups are definitely my weakest. I had never done more than 75 push ups in a row or 12 pulls up so looking at the 98 and 21 targets was pretty daunting.

    After the January 3rd test I followed the physical training guide on the SEAL/SWCC website for 3 weeks, but I started on the Week 15 routine. It was great for my swimming because it had so dang much of it. It forced me to get comfortable and the water and get used to the breathing. At that time the deadline for SOAS application was mid-February so I focused a lot on breaststroke because I didn't think I'd be able to learn sidestroke and get it down to the 8:24 time in 6 weeks. While that guide training was great for swimming, and I'm sure great as a prep for buds, it did not help at all for the other 4 categories. I work 8-10 hours every day, so with all of this working out I was only getting about 5 hours of sleep a night. I'm actually fine with that, I can run on that kind of sleep but it's not great when you're actually trying to build muscle. I think the high volume of upper body that the physical guide has is also not as beneficial when you need to actually build more muscle either. Doing some kind of upper body activity 6 days a week didn't give my muscles a chance to recover and grow.

    I stopped that guide after 3 weeks since I was not getting any improvement in my push ups or pull ups, and my run had only gotten down to 8:50. For 2 weeks I did my own thing for push ups and pull ups, only working upper body 3 days a week. Lots of weighted and negative pull ups. I starting running shorter sprints (400s and 600s) and lots of hills. The hills were great. Its a pretty big hill I was running as well, took about 80 seconds and I'd do 4-6 sets on that. I got my pull ups to where I could do about 14.

    After 2 weeks of doing my own thing for push/pull, I started doing Jeff Nichols program for both push ups and pull ups and have been doing that since. Holy moly did that help. The pull up one is killer.

    If I could go back I'd definitely start off the bat with Jeff Nichols for push ups and pull ups, and follow the physical training guide for swimming.

    I took a mock PST last weekend, and my scores were (I weigh about 207 now):

    Swim: 8:04 (breaststroke)
    Push: 82
    Sit: 102
    Pull: 16
    Run: 8:28
    Score: 712

    Looking back, I didn't touch too much on improving my swimming. I'm guessing I could have improved it more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helps someone out there!

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    That's some solid improvement for about 7 weeks. Not sure how you get 8:04 with breaststroke... Anyway it's pretty funny reading this because I've been on practically the exact same schedule as you. Always been athletic but started training primarily for this pipeline mid December kicking it off week 1 with the NSW PTG. Took a PST Jan 3 just like you, knew it wouldn't be great but I thought it couldn't hurt to have a starting point. Results:

    Swim: 10:20
    Push: 75
    Sit: 65
    Pull: 19
    Run: 10:31

    I actually failed the run by 1 second. Been training for my next PST which is in a little over a week now, strictly adhering to the NSW PTG (just finishing up week 10) and I'd say my progress has been coming along rather well. Have to say though I think you actually have me beat with your improvements there. Took a mock PST 3 weekends ago, ended up with this:

    Swim: 8:33
    Push: 80
    Sit: 76
    Pull: 20
    Run: 9:58

    We'll see what happens for the PST coming up but my best swim and run as of today are 8:13 and 9:17 respectively. Really hoping to break 8 for the swim and 9:30 for the run. Pretty funny we both dropped about 2 min off the swim and 30s or so off the run in about the same time period. CSS for me though, couldn't imagine sub 9 with breaststroke dear god. Also I would like to have added 32 situps, not sure how you pulled that off.


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      That's awesome improvement man! I'm certainly jealous of your pull ups, I've had a hard time getting that number up quickly.

      The 9:17 number on your run is a great improvement as well. I'm impressed you got that much with the PTG running schedule. Since I wasn't getting as much improvement as I knew I could, I went back to my high school training style. When I ran those high school times, I never ran more than a 400m to train, and even that was rare. Usually I was just doing sprints with short breaks between. Getting used to that feeling of being out of breath and pushing your lungs was huge.

      For abs, I've just done the P90X abs circuit 5-6 times a week, as well as a whole lot of sit ups. Honestly though, the sit ups seem to be more of a pulling from my hip flexors feeling than actually using my abs since someone holds your feet.

      And for swimming, yeah I know the breaststroke seems uncommon to use for the PST. My fastest sidestroke is just below 9 min and breast I've gotten my fastest breaststroke to 7:50.

      Good luck on your PST this week!