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Tips for strengthening ankles?

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  • Tips for strengthening ankles?

    I haven’t ran in a while and am in the process of getting back into it. The last few runs I’ve had this tightness in my ankle, I went to the doctor for it a few years ago and they put me on steroids. Any tips I can do to loosen it?

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    Stretches before you run. Start out slow to loosen up. Slowly move towards your run, also use power from your legs and knees more than you are your ankles.


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      Grace, you know me man. I always do.


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        I'm in the same boat man. I'm 28 and I haven't ran since I was 16. I walk for a couple laps, then run one. over the next month or so I should be running a mile and a half without pain. Google Stew Smith running for beginners.


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          Yeah I have. I’m just wondering if anyone else knows about the tightness. If it’s a normal thing or if I need to strengthen it


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            Ankle tightness can be a sign of muscle weakness around the ankles. Using light resistance bands working all ankle directions can help, plus explosive training.


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              i get the same tightness. David Goggins says he sits on them to release the tightness. It worked for me. Sit on them like students in a martial arts class, or the way Muslim's do when they pray. Toes pointing behind you, knees forward. Do it every night for a couple mins. That should help