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Strength training routine

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  • Strength training routine

    I wanted some feedback on my current strength training regiment. I am already contracted (SO) with PST scores as follows (plus or minus a few)

    Swim: 8:15
    Pushups: 75
    Pullups: 18
    Run: 9:50

    Although I would like to Improve all my scores, I am already contracted as stated previously. Because of that my focus has started to shift to BUDs prep, Injury prevention, & improving my running rather than super high PST scores.

    Current Strength workout routine (Tues,Thurs,Sat)

    5min - weighted (35lb) Heel, toe raises
    100 - Jumping jacks
    2min - Light stretching of arms & Shoulders.


    5 Sets of each
    12- pullups
    45- situps
    25 - bench dips
    10 - chinups
    20 - Weighted (35lb) Lunges
    30 - flutter kicks

    at the end of my workouts i finish with 1 round of

    2 min plank hold
    30 - pike pushups
    12 - hammer pullups
    30 - arm haulers
    & some elastic band Rotator cuff exercises

    Sometimes ill throw a round of weighted pushups or pullups into the workout as well, however I have already experienced an over use injury in my elbow and shoulder from doing too many pushups/pullups so ive tried to dial it back.

    Thanks in advanced for the feedback

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    Don’t do the same over an over. Mix up your workout. Given your pull up and push up numbers you should start adding weight instead of reps, and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger. This applies to dips and chin ups too. Add some military press and squats. And don’t train your upper body 3 times a week. 2 should be sufficient. You said it in your post that you’ve already had an injury for doing too many pull ups and push ups. More isn’t always better. By the way, if you’re not doing so yet, start treading water with weight and doing long distance swims with fins.


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      I’ve also had some buddies at BUD/S that have said they do hundreds of burpees and / or 8 count bodybuilders by the pool. You probably want to do these as well if you aren’t already.