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Swim Form - NSWPS

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  • Swim Form - NSWPS

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    Cool video. Reminds me I need to swim even more focusing on form and minimal drag. Nice disclaimers at the end. Pretty hidden youtube channel never came across them until recent forums posts.

    I was taught hyperventilation diving at age 3 and remember so and have done it since. Have drown proofed since too, majority solo. Only into my adult life have I come to learn its not recommended to be done alone bahaha... guess my father and grandfather were trying to toughen me up lol, that or welcome me to death at a young age. I still drown proof alone in a 10ft pool, am confident in doing so. I still hyperventilate dive but only with a max of three-four breaths when practicing underwater pool length swims or breath holds. Might not be reccomended, even I dont reccomend it for novice swimmers, but its a good trick to have and practice. You won't always be able to grab all the air you need and knowing how to do it quick I think is good to know. As far as blacking out or feeling off from doing it I've never experienced such things.
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      Just to reiterate, we do not want candidates practicing breath holding techniques or underwater skills outside of Naval Special Warfare Prep School.

      Coach J
      NSW Coach