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Swim trouble

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  • Swim trouble

    I’ve been swimming pretty regularly for over a year now and I’ve finally had my swim kinda at a competitive time. (I believe around 8:30) Well, long story short I got hit in the eye with a rock from cutting grass and I suffered a bad cut in my eye and a eye infection. Eye Dr. told me to not to swim or the infection might get worse. So, I took two weeks off like the Dr. recommend. I get back to swimming and realize my legs were getting super fatigued after like 3 or 4 laps during my 500 yard swim and I’m ridiculously winded after. I’m also only clocking my 500 at like 9:10. Will two weeks off like that really mess up your stamina that bad or is it just me?

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    Glad your eye is ok man. Scary

    It definitely has the potential to. Cardiovascular fitness in general comes and goes like the wind, but you should get it back relatively quickly after 2 weeks.

    Biking or better yet rowing on a stationary rower can help you keep some more of that fitness next time you need to take a hiatus


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      Thanks for the insight. I usually try to do some cardio when I’m not able to be in the pool. But, apparently it wasn’t near good enough.


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        I think you need to wait between strokes, and let yourself glide more

        Without knowing you or seeing you swim it could be that

        If you're not using Speedo then it's definitely drag, with drag being the swim wear and/or stroke mistakes are causing you to go less quickly in the water.

        One mistake I see is that people push themselves to far, too early. The speed gains if the further you go.


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          I wouldn't say it's impossible to have a drop in time like that, but it's a lot of time. Are you SURE you were swimming 8:30 before? In the same pool? You should know exactly what your PR was.

          There's NOTHING you can do outside the water to improve or maintain your swim time, so don't waste the time.

          Read the "start here" thread. Most fatigue/gassed issues are related to breathing.

          If you do want a critique, I will take a look for you if you post a 100y video.


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            I hope you are okay man.