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100m CSS Critique

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  • 100m CSS Critique

    Trying to improve my CSS and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    By the looks from kicking from the wall, try to do a "streamline", which means to push, stay in a straight line until you slow down and then initiate the CSS.


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      So in my opinion most of your loss of speed is all coming from your constant flutter kicks...
      1. They break streamline so you're not getting free distance on the breakout glide
      2. They are extremely inefficient and will cost you a lot of energy
      3. Remember... Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
      Next issue is your streamline is a bit relaxed, make sure you are squeezing your head with your biceps through your butt cheeks finally to your knees and ankles.
      Finally Turns...
      Once you fix the things above you will carry more speed while expanding less energy. The name of the game with turns is if you carry a lot of speed into a turn you'll carry a lot of speed out of a turn. For right now I suggest fixing the things above before we start talking about turns. Post a new video after you've fixed the other things and we will address turns.

      That was a 9:45 pace wiling to bet that if you fix those smalls things and are able to get turns down right you'll easily be sub 9


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        your scissor kick isnt doing much. isolate it. use kickboard.


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          Good advice here already. Bravo for swimming on both sides.

          Also switch to the sprinters sidestroke second pull. You also have "delayed recovery syndrome" because of that pull. It's a dead spot in the stroke.

          I totally agree you're headed for the 8's once you beef up that kick, hold a proper streamline, turn like the wall's on fire, and exchange that long slow second pull for the sprint version.

          I wasn't able to tell with the video quality but I also want to make sure your exhale is 100% subsurface. I see your face up more than it needs to be so I am suspicious.