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swim critique needed

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  • swim critique needed

    Hey boys, really need a critique here. I know the video isnt the best of quality but it should be good enough. I understand i am not swimming on both sides so please just try your best. One thing i really noticed is my head sticks out of the water too much. Will work on that. And i know my turn is crap. Im working on it.

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    You need stronger double arm pull outs, when you bring your arms up for the next stroke it creates so much drag that it slows you down a lot. It needs to be much smoother, if you get that down then you will drop a few seconds off your time. Also after my scissor kick I usually do about 5-6 strong quick flutter kicks. You want to shove your head in the water right after you take that breath so you can move quicker (you move faster in the water.) You don't want to do your double arm pull out at the top of the water you want to do it at mid pool so you can glide longer. On turns just touch the wall inhale and go. I swam on one side the entire test and still got a good time, I am just now working on my weak side. Hope this helped.


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      Keep looking straight down on your takeoff, and when you double arm pull do it kind of like you're doing a dip pull straight down.


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        First off, a 50 is generally not enough to be able to get a good critique, 100+ is much better. Secondly I wouldn't focus on the small stuff right now because you have some major things that need to fixed. First swimming on both sides, do it now. Second your recovery of the first arm pull is getting close to "shark fining". Following this the double arm pull should be a pull in front of your body ending with forearm extension by the triceps. To fix these issues go to the "Swimming start here..." thread and look at the drills and dedicate time either before a workout or after to working on form. Practicing bad form is not helping you at all. There is a lot more I could state that needs fixing but right now that is the major stuff. Also always have your recorder take video in landscape aka turn the phone sideways, helps a lot being able to see the swimmers entire body.


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          Thank you for the replies. I will start incorporating the advice as soon as possible. I have another issue that im running into. I understand there is a breathing part in the swimming start here thread. Ive read it multiple times. When i am swimming, breathing isnt really a problem until i have to push off that wall and get a good stream line in. Obviously i have to hold my breath for a greater amount of time when i do this and i just get this feeling that im drowning and it gets me off balance with my swim. Any suggestions or tips would be awesome.


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            Get a better video up (horizontal) showing you entirely in the frame swimming minimum 100Y.

            I can't see a lot there but you are definitely swimming uphill because you are looking forward.

            The medicine for fixing the oxygen debt off the wall is this:

            1 - Make your streamline perfect. It's terrible now. Both front and back need to be strictly tight.

            2 - Fix the double arm pull. A double arm pull done poorly is just wasted energy.

            3 - Timing. You are spending too much time short after you execute the pull.

            4 - Once you have all that fixed, you need to do 1000Y/M swims where you take it easy in the middle and kill it off the wall perfect every time with perfect turn, strong push off, perfect streamline, and an excellent DA pull. I have a video on the double arm pull form here.