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Early Stages of CSS

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  • Early Stages of CSS

    I really started to teach myself the CSS a few weeks ago. Right now I'm just focusing on nailing the form down, in fact I've never actually swam it more than 50 consecutive yards.

    I feel like my biggest problems are breathing and my kick. You can also tell that I tire out pretty quick. My turnaround was super slow, my kicks off the wall were weak, and on that second lap I started to lift my head out of the water. But like I said, right now I want to focus on the fundamentals of the actual stroke as I am still in the very early stages of learning this.

    If anybody could point out anything else that you think I should work on, please let me know, thanks.

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    This looks like a good topic for fargo007 .
    But from what I can see...Try holding your streamline longer and keeping your arms straighter. Your scissor kick could use some work as well, and after you scissor kick, try not to flutter kick as much as it burns more energy than necessary. You are also swimming "uphill". Try keeping your eyes on the bottom of the pool when you are streamlining.


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      Thanks for the invite. I actually got an email from the site that I was mentioned. Pretty cool.

      What I am seeing:

      Video is too short. 100Y minimum. And it's very dark/glare affected. I can't see the legs very well.

      You need to swim on both sides. Start fixing this NOW. Also, get a jammer swimsuit. It's faster.

      Blackwood is right, the kick is very weak. Isolate it with a kickboard and do some kick sets on both sides. It looks like a breast stroke kick. That's perfectly fine and within the rules. Let's just make it a GOOD breast stroke kick. The one in your breakout is a good kick. Do them all just like that.

      Streamline is very lazy and loose. Stretch the shoulders out and you will get to a nice tight streamline.

      The excessive kicking is a balance compensation.

      I would point you back to the official video at the top of the swim section. There are a series of drills in there that you should go through on both sides with mindful practice. Spend a couple weeks on those, improving the streamline and working that kick.

      After you get your balance sorted out, we can start to work on your race game. Turns, streamline off the wall, double arm pull, etc.

      That's how you shave time.


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        I was actually trying to do a scissor kick, except for that first one coming off the wall. So clearly I need to work on my scissor kick form.

        I'll be sure to work on these things. And I'll try to take a better video next time if I post one again. Thanks for the tips.


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          You will be much better off staying with the breast stroke kick than rewinding it all back to zero again. You have enough challenges without adding another one.

          If you already have a good, well developed breast stroke kick it makes sense to use it.