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Prior Service / NAVET changes?

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  • Prior Service / NAVET changes?

    Good morning,

    Checking to see if anything has changed to allow NAVET's orders to BUD/S? I've noticed more Fleet Returnee's than ever in the current classes. Maybe/hoping something changed with NAVET spots as well? During my time in (2010-2014) earning a spot as a Fleet Returnee was probably easier than winning the lotto. Prior IT2, was never able to get past my Community Manager while routing my BUD/S packages. Consistently scored 750-770 on the PST's, currently 28 yrs old. Thanks for any responses/insight.

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    Same situation as you, only I'm younger. I was an AME2, did my 4 years, put in three packages and got denied by my community detailer every time due to manning. I got on here tonight to ask this exact question. I've heard from about two recruiters that they "haven't seen" any prior navy guys get picked up. Dying to know.