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Prior Service / NAVET changes?

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  • Prior Service / NAVET changes?

    Good morning,

    Checking to see if anything has changed to allow NAVET's orders to BUD/S? I've noticed more Fleet Returnee's than ever in the current classes. Maybe/hoping something changed with NAVET spots as well? During my time in (2010-2014) earning a spot as a Fleet Returnee was probably easier than winning the lotto. Prior IT2, was never able to get past my Community Manager while routing my BUD/S packages. Consistently scored 750-770 on the PST's, currently 28 yrs old. Thanks for any responses/insight.

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    Same situation as you, only I'm younger. I was an AME2, did my 4 years, put in three packages and got denied by my community detailer every time due to manning. I got on here tonight to ask this exact question. I've heard from about two recruiters that they "haven't seen" any prior navy guys get picked up. Dying to know.


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      For what it's worth, I spoke to the Community Manager and received an answer. Yes they are taking prior service. Obviously the less waivers the better, but age waivers aren't totally out of the question up to 32yrs old. Your time in service is subtracted to the current date, and that creates your new year group. For example: I did 4 years and 6 months active, that is subtracted from July 2018 and my new year group would be January 2014. This is all dependent on you absolutely crushing a PST, letters of recommendation, etc. Basically you have to give the Community Manager a good reason on why he should chose you over a fresh off the street 22 year old. Hopefully this helps someone in the same position.