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Mistake in my contract

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  • Mistake in my contract

    I was looking at the NAVPERS 1306/92 and it asks if the applicant has had any illegal drug involvement within the last 36 months.
    The issue is that my package that comes in the brown folder for MEPS has a mistake. My interviewer stated that the last time i used marijuana was this March. My question is if i should talk to the Chief or my recruiter about it and ask one of them to change it because the last time i did have any involvement with the drug was in March of 2010. Or what if i wait til the day i ship?And i go to my liaison and interviewer about it and ask for a correction?
    Should I? The latter idea seems kind of illogical since that seems late to try to make any corrections. But I would hate for a mistake to keep me from being considered. After all this is my goal.


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    If it is a mistake (March 2016 vs March 2010), you should absolutely reach out to have it corrected as soon as possible. Do not wait. Errors have a way of staying around and multiplying if they are not fixed, and you are the person most responsible for your record and its accuracy.


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      I will do that. Thank you!