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    Hey everyone,
    I went to the recruiter today and asked about the GED and if I could get a SEAL contract with it and he said that I don't need any college credits but I need to score high in the ASVAB which is fine and I know I'll do good at it but I need a straight forward answer and I need to know if he's lying or being truthful because I've never heard so many mixed answers in my life, he even said that he just got word of it a few days ago. I don't know what the hell to think of this and it's driving me crazy. I'm not a high school dropout, I was home schooled the majority of my life and the reason I have a GED is because my parents had two different businesses including another place that they went to in the winter so I was travelling all the time, and two of the three places I was traveling back and forth to had no internet so this caused me to get my GED. I'm gonna find away to get through this and become a SEAL one way or the other but I'm needing a straight forward answer from someone that knows what they're talking about. Thanks.

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    **** it, I'll just get the college credits and get after it.


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      I was home schooled and got my GED and have been through a lot concerning it. No need to waste money and time on college credits. Maybe you can learn something from my experience. When I first talked to my Navy recruiter they said the same thing. I scored high enough on the pre ASVAB that they were ok with me applying as a GED applicant. They only take a certain number of GED applicants every fiscal year for each area and my area allowed 2. I was diagnosed with Asthma when I was 9, but never had any problems with breathing so I think I was misdiagnosed. Had to send medical records down to MEPS. My recruiter took weeks to get back to me and when he did he said MEPS wanted more records which was weird since I didn't have anymore. He wouldn't communicate properly with me and kept dragging me on and saying they "wanted more". I got tired of this and needed PRK anyway so I told him I would get back to him once I had got PRK. Fast forward a year, and I wasn't able to afford the PRK and was struggling to find work. I started to get back on track concerning my military goals but didn't want to talk to that recruiter again. I found myself in the Marine Corp office and talked to them about my situation and was immediately impressed with their no BS attitude. They pulled my records and found out my Navy recruiter hadn't even sent my medical records to MEPS and had been stalling me because there weren't any GED slots. My Marine recruiter then talked to me about making my own home school diploma and transcript because USMC doesn't take GED applicants, and if I did that I would be the same as a high school graduate. All I had to do was find a printable diploma online then put in your "home school" name and all that and have your parents sign it. Then print out a transcript showing what you did for each of your "high school" years and what your grades and credits were. As long as its 23 credits or more you're good. Since you were home schooled your parents set the parameters, if you took care of all the farm animals or made dinner all the time you could include that on there toward your credits. Then have your parents sign and notarize it at a bank and ta da. You're a graduate in the eyes of the military. I was able to get over 23 credits and I didn't have a senor year. I'm now waiting to ship in a month and am on track to be a Recon Marine. It all worked out in the end I hope some of this helps.

      From what I see you have three options. #1 Go as a GED applicant for no reason, have to have super amazing ASVAB and PST to even be looked at, possibly not even be picked up for years, and be at the bottom of every barrel of SEAL applicants in the Navy. #2 Waste money and time on college credits you don't even want for anything else. Or 3# print out a diploma online, write up your school transcript, have your parents sign and notarize them and then be the same level as everyone else. If your recruiter says that its not true pressure him to look it up. If he's still resistant get another recruiter or call his CO. I wish someone told me this a long time ago. Good luck. If you have questions or want a template for the transcripts or something PM me.


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        Thanks a bunch brother, you really saved my *** here. And good luck with your training.