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    I am a 21 year old CA resident. I made a stupid mistake and was pulled over after going 100mph in the state of Arizona. In Arizona it is a misdemeanor crimal charrge. Arizona does not expunge so it will stay forever. I have put 2000$ dollars to fighting it which possibly wont make a difference as from what ive read I would still have to disclose it. I wrestled and swam in highschool. Currently am 1 year away from recieving a degree in industrial engineering at a top school. As soon as I graduate I will enlist and auto qualify with my PST. Everything i have done has been geared towards becoming a SEAL and now I am very afraid that this charge will ruin my future. Would anyone be able to further clarify how badly this would affect my chances and whether there is even a point in going to trial and spending more money or might as well plead guilty. Ill do whatever it takes even if it means paying more money. I am by no means rich and I understand speeding was an incrddibly reckless mistake from which I defintely learned from.

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    Don't take my word on it but a misdemeanor isn't disqualifying. As long as you pay the fine & are honest about it, you don't have anything to worry about. If worst case scenario does come, a waiver is possible considering I have a friend who completed the pipeline & had to acquire a civil waiver. Keep us updated & again, I could be wrong.


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      I was in the same situation but in Virginia, I had a good lawyer and fought it to be lowered to improper driving. The recruiter will asked what you were charged with not what the outcome was so it didnt really matter it was just good for my records but it has not given me any trouble just be honest.