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The Official Navy SEAL & SWCC podcast, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", is now posted in the Downloads section Hear from real, active duty Navy SEALs, SWCC, and key support staff from NSW as they talk training, requirements, ethos, and more. Hooyah!
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Prior Service Question

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  • Prior Service Question

    i have searched and haven't found any answers on the subject. Being prior Service I received a field grade article 15 for underage drinking while active duty. Because it is in my OMPF would this hold me up from getting a Seal Contract?

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    This question is about prior service.

    I am 35 years old with a degree in Mechanical engineering. I got a 93 on my asvab.

    I haven't had anyone test me for PST Scores, and I'm not even sure I am eligible for SWCC or SEAL, but would like to do some sort of Special Warfare.

    I was an intelligence specialist from 2001-2005 honorable discharge, RE-R1 enlistment code.

    MY Self given PST Scores are

    9:51 swim
    100 push
    100 sit-up
    22 pull-up
    8:30 run

    Do I have any options?


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      Dang. Support is cool. Been there done that. Not the same. Thank you for your response.


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        prior service Marine. 30 years old. no legal. no kids. no spouse. HELP!