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  • Prior Service Question

    i have searched and haven't found any answers on the subject. Being prior Service I received a field grade article 15 for underage drinking while active duty. Because it is in my OMPF would this hold me up from getting a Seal Contract?

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    This question is about prior service.

    I am 35 years old with a degree in Mechanical engineering. I got a 93 on my asvab.

    I haven't had anyone test me for PST Scores, and I'm not even sure I am eligible for SWCC or SEAL, but would like to do some sort of Special Warfare.

    I was an intelligence specialist from 2001-2005 honorable discharge, RE-R1 enlistment code.

    MY Self given PST Scores are

    9:51 swim
    100 push
    100 sit-up
    22 pull-up
    8:30 run

    Do I have any options?


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      Dang. Support is cool. Been there done that. Not the same. Thank you for your response.


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        prior service Marine. 30 years old. no legal. no kids. no spouse. HELP!