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  • Finish School, or Stop - Age Waiver

    I see there are a lot of posts on here about Age waivers and had just finished reading the most recent one by jbsefeal. I was hoping one of the senior members our someone would possibly be able to chime in and give me some feedback on what looks better. I am currently 27 and my PST scores needs some work right at the moment. I have been training off and on for several years as quite a few of us have. I have recently started a new training program and will be looking for a training partner with similar goals to kick me in the *** haha, but thats neither here or there. Right now I am enrolled in an Bachelor's degree program and my expected graduation date will be December of 2019 which will put me at 28 and 9.5 months as my birthday is in February. I have understood from previous posts that an age waiver would only need to be obtained if your anticipate ship date is after your 29th birtday? Which does not give me too much if any time after my graduation. I would like to finish my Bachelor's degree as I've been working on it for quite some time. I'm really looking to see if when my PST scores are competitive would it be better to finish out the degree or stop short due to my age and pursue a contract? I understand nothing is guaranteed and everything will depend on my PST scores my background and if any medical issues (which there shouldn't be any) come up. If it matters I'm estimating i'll graduate with a 3.8/ 3.9 GPA. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Yes I apologize, I do plan on enlisting. Thank you very much for your response it was very informative and much appreciated!