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    Hey all,

    I'm 17 and I'm a track runner but since 8th grade, I've suffered from shin splints each season. I've been reading on this section of the forum and I know about the stretches and what not to help them but how can I really try to prevent them? I know they're a common injury in BUD/S and I really would like to know how to help them ahead of time so they aren't a major problem when I get there.

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    Re: Shin-Splint Help

    four things:

    1. make sure you are doing all of the stretches (and the lower leg muscle strengthening rubber band work) from the PTG multiple times a day.
    2. make sure you aren't increasing your weekly running mileage more than 5-10 percent per week. (in your case, since you've struggled for some time with shin splints, I'd say cut back your mileage now, and then start increasing weekly mileage by 5%.)
    3. make sure you are eating a well balanced, healthy diet.
    4. go to a respected running / shoe store and consult them and make sure you are wearing the right shoe for your foot type.
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      Re: Shin-Splint Help

      I'd also like to add to what Jared said. I've had really bad shin splints in the past an the way I got rid of them was by resting for a couple weeks (with my cross country coach's permission), and everyday for those two weeks I iced my shins for twenty minutes each shin. I also massaged the band on the outside of my shin bone, and that felt amazing. Hope this helps and I hope you get rid of them.
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        All of the above is great info, but if you are STILL consistently get them even after letting your body get acclimated to the increased weekly/monthly mileage, I would recommend doing some strengthening exercises for your tibialis anterior (the muscle that actually hurts from shin splints).
        ie. Do reverse calf raises. Both heels on a stair, facing the descent of the stairs, let your toes fall toward the bottom stair then raise them up. Like 3 sets of 25 once a week, build up to twice a week.


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          Take a long break and let yourself heal. Don't run too much if you're obese.


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            NSW made a video about this for their YouTube channel


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              Originally posted by tfranc View Post
              NSW made a video about this for their YouTube channel
              I want to watch that. I used to get shin splints, but I don't anymore.