Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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  • Keratoconus


    just have a couple of questions on the subject. I was medically discharged in 2014 for Keratoconus. I was unaware of the condition at the time. I applied for a waiver in maybe 2015 and was denied. I recently had the procedure called Cornea Cross Linking on both my eyes seeing that my doctors found it in both eyes. I hate to say that I’m banking on the Navy but I’m ready and I’ve been ready. I know someone who has

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    Sorry accidentally posted this before finishing. Anyway I met someone who had the condition ( Not NSW ) and received a waiver. My question is simple just if it’s possible at all to even get a waiver I really appreciate it thanks everyone !


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      Keratoconus is a disqualifying condition per the MANMED 15-105 (see link above); para (d) Eyes and Vision, sub para 14.
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