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    I have one year left until I graduate with an engineering degree. My reasoning being that it would allow me more time to mature and that it would make me more disciplined/resilient. My question is that I went to the recruiting office the other day and asked about joining the SEALs. I took a practice ASVAB before I could go any further and scored high enough that they attempted to persuade me to go for the nuclear program. I refused and asked if I can get in touch with a SEAL Mentor. I was told I would need to have signed into the Navy before I could talk to a SEAL mentor. Is this correct? (Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum)

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    On the website it says mentors are not obligated to train or meet with you until you have entered DEP.


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      You enlist under a different contract (but you have the fact that you want to go for the SEAL Challenge written in the contract) and then they assign you a mentor who will issue the official PST and as soon as you score high enough you will sign your SO contract and throw out the old one.


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        As someone who is in your exact same shoes (graduating soon with an engineering degree, have talked with recruiters, was told the same line of crap), I can shed some light on your situation. The recruiter told me to go nuclear and spent the better part of an hour trying to get me to sign immediately. It got to the point where he began telling me information that I knew was false due to research I had done on the process of becoming a SEAL. At one point he gave me my area mentors card then immediately took it back and said he couldn't give it to me unless I signed that day. Later I learned that you can contact the seal/swcc scout team via email (should be listed on here or on and they will give you the contact information for your area mentor. That is the route that I went.

        I have met my area mentor and the following is some information he told me that might help you:

        First: in order to train with the mentor at any sessions he holds, you must be medically cleared through MEPS. He told me that he can call ahead and let them know you are coming. Just don't sign anything official. While there, you will take the ASVAB and do all the physical tests but you just won't swear in.

        Second: Be wary of recruiters. He talked to me about how he has had multiple people get told false information and get screwed by recruiters. He told me that when I decide to officially enlist to call him prior to going to the recruiter so he can call ahead and they know not to screw with me.

        In short to answer your question, your recruiter is lying to you. dblackamdg is correct, technically the mentor does not have to talk with you. That being said, I doubt your area mentor would not at least talk to you and be willing to give some guidance to help you in your situation. You do not have to be signed in order to contact your mentor however you must be medically cleared before training with them. From what I have experienced, I would recommend you contact the seal/swcc scout team, get your mentors contact info, send them an email or give them a call and go from there. Worst case you end up where you already are.

        Best of luck.


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          You have been extremely helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I got in touch with the Scout team and got the email of a mentor near me. Thank you

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        Im 16 now Ive been training my self for PST when I turn 17 and I want to enlist under DEP but my question is whats the process from going to recruiter to getting your SO contract?


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          RJ1 that is answered a few times on this site. I’ll update this post with links to them.
 I suggest googling things before posting, you’ll get your answers a lot quicker. Also check the YouTube channel of this site and you’ll have most questions answered in the podcast.


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            Thanks for the information.