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    I am a former Marine with 5 years active. Multiple deployments. I know SWCC is the Navy's "best kept secret" , not wanting to come off as disrespectful or rude but, do they actually do something more secret than the SEALS? It seems more of a recruiting tactic than an actual description. I cant imagine them doing something more intense or secret. I ask because I am in the process of trying to get into NSW. I am going to ask the recruiter, but lets face it, recruiters never really know. I want hand to hand, I want to take down HVT, I want to be part of the US most elite force. I like to be on boats, but I do not want to commit to a SWCC lifestyle and regret my decision. Any guidance?

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    If you want to take down HVT's go SEAL.
    These next two pieces I took from
    Under mission for SWCC :
    The exclusive mission of SWCC operators is to expertly drive and provide small-caliber gunfire support on specialized high-tech, high-speed, and low-profile Surface Combatant Craft to secretly infiltrate and exfiltrate Navy SEALs on Special Operations missions worldwide. These missions include Direct Action on land, sea, coastline or rivers (such as strikes, captures, and ship take downs by Visit, Board, Search and Seizure), Special Reconnaissance, Coastal Patrol and Interdiction of suspect ships and surface craft, Counterterrorism operations, Riverine Warfare, Deception Operations, Search and Rescue Operations, and Foreign Internal Defense missions (training foreign forces in the tactics, techniques and procedures of maritime and riverine patrols). SWCC may also support military and civilian law enforcement agencies.
    Under mission for SEAL this is listed :
    Navy SEALs are called on to perform missions of strategic importance to the United States. Including the following:
    Direct Action: Neutralize, Capture and Kill Enemy Forces
    Offensive strikes against an enemy target using tactics like raids, ambushes and assaults.
    Special Reconnaissance: Observe and Report, Covert Intelligence
    Surveillance and reconnaissance operations to report on enemy activity or to provide a better understanding of the operational situation. These missions can include tracking of enemy units, monitoring military and civilian activity, and gathering information about beach and water conditions prior to a beach landing.
    Counter Terrorism: Eliminating Threats, Pre-Emptive Strike
    Directing action against terrorist groups to prevent terrorist activities.
    Foreign Internal Defense: Training Allies
    Training and assisting foreign counterparts to increase their capacity to respond to threats.

    The choice is all yours, best of luck to you!


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      Ive been told from operators that SWCC doesn't really do anything in comparison to the SEAL's...Could be wrong but it came from the mouth of an operator. Knew a guy who knew some guys from "Surving the Cut" that fellback on SWCC after failing dive comp. Sounds like you wanna become a SEAL by the sounds of what your seeking. You can always aim for SEAL and have SWCC as a fallback...
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        Originally posted by BearPole View Post
        You can always aim for SEAL and have SWCC as a fallback...
        From what I've heard, this is no longer the case. If a candidate drops from BUD/S anytime before Hell Week for reasons other than medical, then you cannot go over to SWCC. I heard this from a BUD/S candidate about a year ago.
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