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Thread: long time shoulder pain,

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    long time shoulder pain,

    I've had shoulder pains since i started football in 7th grade and doing things like bench and pushups my shoulders have always made a sort of "clicking" sound when I'm doing high reps is that normal for growing or what cause i am 17 now and it's still happening on and off with my shoulder work it never turns in to a sharp pain though.. any help here from anybody that has experienced this? And i have never "injured my shoulder in anyway nothing has dislocated/broken

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    Re: long time shoulder pain,

    First you say its not a sharp pain, so I assume it hurts a little (when just working out or daily activities?) and if so has it hurt since 7th grade?

    So with that some clicking is normal it's caused by carbon dioxide dissolved in the synovial fluid which is a thick liquid that helps lubricate the space between the Cartilage.

    Now the pain could be the sign of a unstably joint, do you experience any weakness or the feeling of less control in the arm where the pains located.

    If your still doing sports in school you should tell your doctor when you get your physical or if it hurts more or you experience any strange sensations in the afflicted arm go to him now. Your biceps tendon might be coming out of its grove (rare).

    But it could just be over use or dozen other things that have no long term consequences bottom line if it gets worse go see someone.

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