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Thread: Clarification on Age Requirement

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    Clarification on Age Requirement

    Just to confirm, one MUST be shipped off to boot camp with an SO contract before he turns 28 years old - without needing a waiver, correct? In other words, you must be 27 years old or less at the arrival to RTC in Chicago.

    Thanks in advance

    (sounds like a stupid question but I keep hearing conflicting ages between 27 and 28, before you need a waiver

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    SEAL Senior Chief

    Re: Clarification on Age Requirement

    You must have a contract in hand before your 29th birthday.

    If you turn 29 the next day after to get your contract you will NOT need a waiver.

    Could be in DEP while 29 but must receive your contract prior to 29th birthday

    If you receive a contract after your 29th birthday you need an age waiver.


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    Re: Clarification on Age Requirement


    Thank you very much Senior Chief, it is appreciated.

    see ya,

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