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Thread: Fleet Returnees

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    Fleet Returnees

    What is the current policy on giving fleeters SEAL contracts? Thanks!

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    Every BUD/S class has in-fleet candidates, there are typically between 12-15 in every class. There will continue to be in-fleet candidates contrary to the gossip often out there. Here on this site are all the instructions and requirements you need to put together a package for SEAL and SWCC. If you have questions call the 888-USN-SEAL during normal working hours PST.


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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    For Fleeters do we have to wait on pts results to cross rate before sending a package as of AUG 12?

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    For guys in the fleet who want to go to BUD/S, does SO have to pop up on your fleet ride or can you submit a package at anytime?

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    This comment is directed more towards guys in the fleet (like me) trying to go SO...a little bit of a motivating fact to me is a few prominent Navy SEALs, (and many more I'm sure) didn't initally join the Navy as SEALs. Danny Dietz was a gunners mate, Michael Monsoor was an MA, Matthew Axelson was a Sonar Tech, Howard Wasdin was a search and rescue swimmer, and Michael Thorton was also a gunners mate. Trust and believe that everything happens for a reason, and spending time in the fleet working hard and learning another job can give you somewhat of an advantage in my opinnion. It makes getting to BUD/s that much more worth while and once we get our chance (or at least me) I will never do anything to give it up.

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    Perhaps that's because the SO rate didn't even exist before Oct-06???

    When I was on active duty back in the 80s and 90s, you had to go to your "A" school before BUD/S. Thus, everyone had a rate when they arrived.


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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    Because if you didn't complete the course for whatever reason, you had a rate to go back to. Now it seems more efficient to not waste time with fall back ratings until it gets to that point. But I'm sure that's all obvious.

    Side note, am I the only one who thinks that knowing and listing first and last names is nuts?

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    Quote Originally Posted by ThisGuy View Post I the only one who thinks that knowing and listing first and last names is nuts?...
    Just an old civilian...

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    When you receive orders to BUD/S prep as a fleet returnee, do you get issued the green uniforms and boots or do you have to buy them before you get to Great Lakes?

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    You will be issued uniforms/boots when you arrive at Prep.
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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    I was just reading this and it says that the 2010 group is closed currently for fleet returnees. What about year groups 2011 and 2012?

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    Submit your packages, but be assured that the chances of getting picked are very slim, until your year group comes open.

    Please "Private Message" me on this forum if you have questions. I will respond to you at my earliest convenience.

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    Re: Fleet Returnees

    In regards to submitting a conversion package, how long is a PST good for before you have to take another one? For example if I took a PST in December would I be able to submit those scores in February if I had not submitted them yet?

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