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Thread: You are unique!

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    You are unique!

    Everyones body is different! The food your fellow fitness enthusiast is consuming, while making him stronger could be slowing you down! You need to find what makes you feel strong and energetic.

    I'm not blowing smoke in your face. Case in point: Last year in college I worked out 2/3 hours a day. I ate what I thought was standard "muscle building" foods (milk, cold cuts, etc.) My pushup/ pullup scores were decent, but I was stuck at about 50 pushups and 12 pullups. Then summer came along. I stopped exercising altogether, and ate a vegetarian diet. (except for shrimp, which I ate on occasion) At the end of summer I did 65 pushups and 14 pullups!

    I'm not saying you should copy me, just find out what food makes YOU strong. Asking other people for advice is OK, but only you can find the results for yourself.

    If you disagree, that's cool. I'm only trying to share some information I think may be useful to some people.

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    Re: You are unique!

    Okay Ryknow.

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    Re: You are unique!

    From the thread title I knew something was up. Hope it isn't the same guy. He needs to be IP blocked.

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