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Yeah there are a lot of factors that go into selection now, I think someone used the words "whole-man approach," but I'm sure everyone here is aware of the stress of testing and then the anxiety buildup when the draft comes back in, and then a huge let down. For you I'm concerned about what your recruiter is telling you about cross-rating the first week, You have to remeber that his primary job is to get you into the Navy (SW or not). SEAL Senior Chief and Scott Williams have said multiple times that those days are over. If they are right, which I'm sure they are, do you plan to do your 2 years then try again? Being a SEAL is what I want to do, but if there was 100% chance I could do EOD and then SEAL, I would. I would love to go to EOD school, simply because of what they're taught and the amount. But there is no guarantee so I'm following my final goal.
I'm going in 2 years under the APACT mos because if I go EOD I would have to do that job for a long time before I could put in for a BUD/S package