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Thread: Torn ACL

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    Torn ACL

    While I was playing high school football in 2007 I tore my ACL and less than a year later I ended up tearing it again (playing football). Since then I've played college baseball and haven't had a single problem; I also wouldn't enlist until I graduate college in another two years. I can pass the PST by a significant amount of time/ reps. When I spoke to the recruiter, he told me that my knee was going to be an issue. Can I still be selected if I've had two ACL reconstructive surgeries in the same knee?

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    Re: Torn ACL

    What your recruiter is telling you is based on his experience with people that who have had such type of injuries. However, the only way to really know if you can even join the navy is by going down to MEPS and taking a physical. Only the MEPS doctors can tell you if you qualify or not.
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